Member Benefits

CoLab provides members of the CoLab Network with resources, tools and support to launch and grow target-based sustainability programs. Member benefits include:



One on one support for program launch and growth.


Hundreds of guides, samples and templates so members don’t have to reinvent the wheel


High-powered connections to key organizations and influencers in members’ communities

Peer Learning

Building relationships among our members to share innovations and collaborate

Increased Profile

Spreading the word about our members to funders, businesses, communities and media

Program Launch (Emerging Members)

A tailored road map with 10 milestones to guide program launch

Partnerships (Affiliate Members)

Access to discounted services members can offer locally on pre-negotiated terms


The above benefits vary depending on whether or not Network Members have launched target-based sustainability programs. You can read a more detailed breakdown of member benefits at the Emerging Member and Affiliate Member level.