Sustainability CoLab provides direct support and a proven approach for member organizations to launch and grow target-based sustainability programs. These programs build local networks of businesses that are setting and achieving sustainability targets.

Together, we’re demonstrating that a more sustainable economy is possible.


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Read our 2014/15 Annual Report

Read-OnlineCoLab’s 2014/15 Annual Report is available for download. In this report, titled While You Were Sleeping, you’ll find:  

  • The CoLab story – Learn about how we started, what we do, and how we’re supporting organizations to launch and grow target-based sustainability programs across Ontario.
  • Progress underway – Discover the impact of programs operating in the CoLab Network, through metrics, case-studies, and anecdotes. See how target-based sustainability programs reduce environmental impact, increase profitability, and grow the low-carbon economy.
  • Accelerating the low-carbon economy - Guest authors discuss visions for the low-carbon economy, how we’ll arrive at a more sustainable future, and how to get there faster


Network Map 2016

          WATERLOO REGION/HAMILTON, ON (February 3rd, 2016) - Sustainability CoLab, a national non-profit supporting a network of organizations building the sustainable economy in cities across Ontario, is thrilled to welcome a new member, Sustainable Hamilton Burlington to the CoLab Network. Sustainable Hamilton Burlington joins seven community organizations from across the province that are helping businesses […]

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by Christine Clark, 570 News Seven local non-profits are getting a funding boost. A combined total of $1,935,700 has been invested through the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Among those benefiting from the grant includes: Community Justice Initiatives of Waterloo Region K-W Working Centre for the Unemployed Parents for Community Living Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region Project READ Literacy […]

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